Celebrities Divorced in their 20s

Whenever you feel like you can’t face the world and would rather spend your time with your head under the covers, just think of these celebrities divorced in their twenties. At least the only social media you need to combat is Facebook. They had to read tabloid takes on the end of their marriages!

Katy Perry celebrated divorce in her 20s by dying her hair and writing hit songs. You go, girl!

Christina Aguilera, divorced at age 29

Scarlett Johansson- Perhaps the saddest divorce in 20s story of them all. What a picture perfect couple they were!

Jessica Simpson- All smiles cause she knows post-divorce in your 20s life is something to sing about!

It runs in the family. Ashlee Simpson – Making divorce in your 20s hot!

Olivia Wilde, Hollywood’s newest twenty-something divorcee. She states her “vagina died” during her marriage.

Avril Lavinge’s punk rock romance ended. She’s definitely traded up the musical charts with and married Chad Kroger from Nickelback.

Pretty sure that Kat Von D celebrated divorce in her 20s with a tattoo!

Reese Witherspoon- Divorced darling.

Billie Piper- Sexy and she doesn’t need a husband to know it.

Who can forget Britney Spears and K-Fed?