Trash the Dress Divorce Photoshoot: Ripped, oiled, and cleansed…

Guest post from Trash the Dress member Stella.

You’re laying in bed processing the harsh reality of the word ‘divorce.’ You suddenly have gone from forcing a fairy tale out of a nightmare to facing a new beginning, and all that is left are the pieces of the memories. At least that was where I was when it hit me… “What am I going to do with my wedding dress?”

For any woman, our wedding dress is the most tangible item that ties us to our fairy tale. Yet after the fairy tale falls apart it becomes this “thing” that we so badly want to hang on to, yet so badly want to rip apart. So when I began researching what seemed like every trash the dress photo ever taken, I had a hard time pinpointing what to do to truly capture every facet of what this divorce meant to me… A new beginning, but a severe brokenness. Freedom, yet uncertainty. A chance at true love, but a dismissal of my false fairy tale. Confidence bred from years of being broken down.

But suddenly it all came together.

I reached out to the photographer that had done our original wedding photos, as I’ve always loved his work, and he was more than willing to do these for me. So that was marked off my list.

What would be the ideal location? Well, for me it took about a month and lots of brainstorming to reach a conclusion. My dad owns his own auto repair shop and when my mom approached me with the idea of utilizing his shop I immediately knew it was perfect. None of my family had attended my wedding, my dad never got the honor of walking me down the aisle, and for two years after the wedding communication with my family had to be kept to a minimum. So being able to capture this moment with my family, and allow them the honor of assisting me in “trashing my dress” took no thought.

In planning what kind of pictures I would want, the only thing I went in wanting to capture was something related to me ruining his ring. The day I escaped that life, he handed me his ring and made me give him mine. I was tired of seeing it every time I opened my wallet, so I knew this would be my opportunity to rid myself of that as well.

That day was something that words can’t describe. I felt like life was in rewind, and I was playing catch up. Yet there was this amazingly free feeling in causing so much damage to a dress that represented the darkest days of my life. At the end of the shoot I took the shredded dress along with his ring and threw it in the dumpster. From that moment on, I felt lucky that I’m getting a second chance at love, and more importantly a second chance at life.

“Everything falls apart at the exact same time it all comes together perfectly for the next step.”

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